Thursday, July 19, 2012

Normalizing the Second Amendment

This is a big issue for me.  I get so sick and tired of people whispering about their love of the second amendment and being hush-hush about practicing their second amendment rights.  Because we've been quiet about our second amendment rights, the left has been able to make people feel bad or even guilty about their love of guns.  The left has been very successful with their  anti-second amendment rhetoric, just as they have been with all of their left wing ideology.  They ram it down our throats until enough people accept it as being normal (or give up fighting) and then we've lost the battle. We're losing the gun rights battle because normal, average citizens aren't willing to speak up.

We need to be open about gun rights, gun activities and the second amendment, just as the left was with homosexuality.  How did many Americans come to believe homosexuality was a normal part of everyday life? The gay agenda was pushed on talk shows, sitcoms and on the big screen. No one is afraid to talk about being gay, so why are so many still afraid to talk about guns!? Our God-given right to bear arms is protected by the second amendment and we need to speak up so that the likes of Obama and Hilary don't win at subverting the Constitution by signing away our gun rights via international treaties.

I'm very open about my love of guns and my love of the second amendment. I am not ashamed.  I was in the Army and enjoyed every weapon I ever fired! I go to the range on a regular basis and I have taught my children how to handle firearms properly. In fact, my middle son is hoping to compete in a few competitions.

I've had quite a few people tell me, "Oh, you shouldn't talk about guns on Facebook" or "You shouldn't talk about guns on your blog."   Puh-lease!  That's what got us into this mess to begin with. Those Washington bureaucrats need to know gun loving Americans are numerous and that we are NOT going to stay quiet as they take away our fundamental right to be free.  Yes, I said fundamental right to be free. Without the second amendment, there is no first. Without the second amendment, tyranny can take over. Without the second amendment, how can we protect all of our other fundamental rights?

Speak up citizen!  Let's let American know it is normal to love the second amendment!  Do not be ashamed to love what sets our nation apart from all others. 

Why yes, I even scrapbook about our second amendment.  This two page layout is about the first time I rented an AK-47 for my son to shoot at the range. The best $10 I ever spent. I'm doing my part to normalize gun ownership, what about you? If we don't talk about it and bring the conversation to the table, the left will bring the anti-gun rhetoric to Congress and we'll wake up one day with no gun rights at all.

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Holly Murphy said...

Good for you! I dont actually own a gun but only because i dont know how to shoot one. Many family members are in law enforcement and or hunt. My immediate family (husband and kids) shoot over the holidays though we sokd our guns when i was home with the kids and we did not take the time to teach me. I am sure we will be gun owners again. I would never want our right to do that be taken away by people who do not understand.

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