Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Defunding Planned Parenthood

I've been out on the campaign trail every day. Time and again I hear, "Defund Planned Parenthood". The American people realize that stand alone bills have no chance of survival and are show votes. Without any leverage, these stand alone bills will fail. 

This is why Congress MUST stand to defund Planned Parenthood in the Continuing Resolution it must pass by September 30 in order to avoid a government shutdown. Use the leverage of a government shutdown! Force Barack Obama and the Democrats to show the American people that they think funding the murder and sale of human babies is more important than funding the government. 

Republican leadership (Mitch McConnell) stated they won't shut the government down over Planned Parenthood funding. This is unconscionable. Leadership has given Barack Obama what he wants without a thought of defunding Planned Parenthood. 

If Republicans won't stand up for these precious human babies, what principles ARE they willing to stand and fight for!? 


AnneMarie said...

It continually boggles my mind that so many politicians have no qualms with letting the PP issue slide by, continuing as if things are normal. It also blows my mind that there are people who don't deny the trafficking PP partakes in, but say, "Oh, but they provide so many other services to women, we need to keep funding them." Even if PP supplied bunches of other great services to women, why should we fund an organization that actively does such atrocious, horrific, brutal deeds? We absolutely need to pressure our government into doing something to change this!!

Also, I want to thank you for this blog! I stumbled across it a few months back, and was super excited. "Someone like me!!!" was basically my first reaction. I love my Faith, I love hippie clothes and non-drug hippie activities (ie: growing things, recycling, doing natural things, being in nature), but most of the time other hippie people I meet are liberal; I didn't know many other Catholic hippie conservatives were really out there! So thanks :)

Pattie C said...

Thank you! I hope you will like my new video. I just posted it in another entry. We must stand up and stop our government from funding Planned Parenthood! Nice to "meet" you!

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