Saturday, September 26, 2015


Imagine my surprise when I went to refill my youngest son's medicine and found out the copay was $666.51.

It's the same medication I've been droning on and on about for years now. Before Obamacare is was affordable at $131 (see earlier posts for invoices). 

Words fall short of the anger I feel toward every Democrat responsible for passing Obamacare. I'm just as angry with the Republicans who continue to fund it. 

We met our deductible on Jan 2 when we had to pay $4131 for the blood project my son infuses weekly. We met our OOP Max on Jan 26 when we had to pay $1653 for that same blood product. Unfortunately, the medication protecting my son's kidneys from damage no longer goes toward our deductible or out-of-pocket max. The only answer is full repeal. 

Just posted this (below this paragraph) on Virginia Foxx's FB page- under one of her Pope posts. I will knock on 15K MORE doors before the March 15th primary. If you are tired of do-nothing Republicans in leadership- I'm ready to BUST up the Washington Cartel. I'm a pissed off mama grizzly bear! Only a handful of people in DC give a crap about the American people- Virginia Foxx is not one of them. 

"Nothing to do with Pope Francis here.... it's Obamacare again. My youngest child's medication refill for a LIFE SAVING medication will now cost $666.51. Before Obamacare, it had a $131 copay. Could you and the rest of leadership (are you still going to be in leadership now that Boehner resigned?) PLEASE start working for the American people and stand up to Barack Obama... DEFUND OBAMACARE. USE THE POWER OF THE PURSE to help middle class families like mine. We cannot afford this-- and you jet set back and forth from DC while we struggle to pay for our kids' meds..... on credit. Because the blood product he infuses weekly had a $16 copay before the law and we had to pay $4131 on Jan 2 and $1653 on Jan 26.... and all I get from you are trite little letters praying for my kids. Keep praying, but PLEASE defund Obamacare. Aren't my kids WORTH a government shutdown!? Aren't the babies murdered by Planned Parenthood worth a government shutdown? PLEASE, for the love of all that is good, DO SOMETHING TO HELP FAMILIES LIKE MINE BEING DESTROYED BY OBAMACARE!!!!"

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Nikki W. said...

We don't have the same bills as you, but this year became just as fustrated when one of my husband's medicine cost us over $300 a month now and does not count towards our high deductible or out of pocket expenses because it not covered. The medicine is not as critical, life saving, but is important and something he should have monthly.

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