Friday, April 10, 2015

Kernersville News ran an Article on my Candidacy

Our local paper has a limited online presence. They ran an article about my running against Foxx. Kernersville News ran the following article:

A run against Foxx Kernersville woman announces plans to run against Congresswoman Virginia Foxx By Wendy Davis Kernersville resident Pattie Curran announced Tuesday that she will seek the Republican nomination for the state's Fifth Congressional District against Congresswoman Virginia Foxx in 2016 It's a battle Curran say she knows will be uphill, but the stay-at-home mother of three believes the people of the district are desperate for a change in Washington, D.C., even among politicians who are bastions of the conservative right. "We need someone up there who is truly conservative," said Curran on Wednesday. Curran has been a staunch supporter of the GOP since she was 18-years-old and first joined the Republican Party. After high school, she served in the U.S. Army National Guard, but resigned her commission when she became a mother. Over the years, Curran has been a familiar face in local Republican circles. She has been a vocal critic of the politics and policies of Washington, D.C., especially when it comes to the national debt and most notably, the Affordable Care Act. When Curran voiced her concerns to Foxx, calling on her to support cuts n government spending and the defunding of Obamacare, Curran said she didn't receive much of a response. "I've written letters and stopped by her office, but all I've gotten is a two-line later, thanking me for my interest," said Curran. "We need a representative who is a little more engaged than that." Last year, Curran received national attention after writing a piece that was published in the Washington Times that detailed how Obamacare had negatively impacted her family as she and her husband struggled to afford the medical care for two of their children who are chronically ill. She appeared on Fox News, where she said one-size health care does not fit all. It's a position she maintains today. She also believes Republican leaders in Washington don't really understand how devastating Obamacare has been to families like hers- no matter how many times they throw out examples-- for the simple reason that, if they did, Obamacare would have been dealt with a long time ago. "I don't think they understand Obamacare. If they did, they would have stood up and stopped it," said Curran. "One size fits all policies don't work and our leaders need to understand that their actions have consequences in the real world. I don't think they understand that anymore. I think the leadership is out of touch with the real world." Curran's is a grassroots campaign. She first began putting together a team in January and has been encouraged by the excitement she is seeing from her supporters. "This is not about Pattie Curran. This is about 'We the People'. It's 'Team We the People'. "This is about future generations," explained Curran. "It's a
grassroots campaign and people are really excited. We do have an uphill battle, but we also have a good chance of winning. We have a great chance, and I'm humbled by the support." Curran has launched her campaign on several internet platforms, including an official website at, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. She plans to campaign across the district on issues on issues that range from education, energy, health care and immigration to national defense, religious liberty, life and the second amendment. In Addition to homeschooling her children, Curran is a former social worker and founder and president of Shwachman-Diamond America, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for research and education about the disease suffered by two of her three sons. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in religious studies. Curran and her husband, Chris, have been married 22 years. She and her family have lived in North Carolina for 10 years.

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