Sunday, January 18, 2015

Out of Meds Thanks to #Obamacare

Since our pharmacy account was locked, we ran out of meds. 

In December, our boys started some new medications. One is to help my youngest son with his memory issues. If this trial doesn't work, we will try a drug similar to Aricept. The doctor gave us samples to last about one month. Two weeks in, he wanted a report on how this med and the med for my other son were working out and he put in the prescription for them both. Problem is, because our pharmacy account was locked, the pharmacy couldn't send them. 

IGG, the blood product my son infuses weekly, cost us $4131 and our account was frozen as we were figuring out how to pay the balance. Yes.  Frozen, as in, no meds until the $4K was paid. We exceeded the limit allowed by the pharmacy. I guess that's better than the $4200 plus they quoted us. They were only able to charge the card on file $131.....

If IGG had the $16 copay it had from 2005-2010 or even the $33 copay it had from 2011 to 2014, all would be well and we'd have the medications. 

In a few weeks, we have to figure out how to pay $1600 plus for February's IGG. Isn't Obamacare grand!? And the boys' lifesaving meds are still no longer covered. 

Here's the invoice we received. 

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