Thursday, January 29, 2015

Electile Dysfunction #ElectileDysfunction

I went to the Capitol the day after the the March for Life. It was a very interesting experience. I had a sign that read, "Congress no longer listens to we the people #ElectileDysfunction " (I first heard this phrase used by Winteregg, the man who primaried John Boehner last year). 

I stood in front of the Capitol while my husband took a photo. Then, I moved to the steps of the Capitol to take a picture. It was on the steps of the Capitol that I was shocked to learn Americans did not have the right to stand there with a sign. 

There were other people taking photos on the steps of the Capitol the entire time. Not long after I stood on the steps, I was approached by a Capitol Policeman with an AR15 strapped to his body. This officer told me that I needed a permit to stand on the steps of the Capitol with a sign. I imagine our founders would be horrified to know American citizens are no longer able to exercise their first amendment rights on the steps of the Capitol. It made me sad and angry. Political speech is supposed to be the most protected form of free speech we have as Americans, yet we are unable to stand peaceably on the steps of the Capitol! I was the only one made to leave the steps. 

Afterward, we walked to the House member office buildings. Visited Renee Ellmers to let her we were disappointed that she whipped votes against the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. We also visited our own Representative's office (Virginia Foxx). We took the opportunity to once again voice our displeasure with her vote for the CRomnibus and John Boehner. 

Here are the pictures I took at the Capitol. If you look at the first photo, you can see people on the left standing on the steps taking photos. Directly behind me, there were folks taking photos, as well. Yet, when I stood with my sign and took the second picture, I was approached by the officer. 

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