Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights

I had no idea such a group existed. If you have a moment, check out Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights. 

Mission of Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights:

Proudly Representing Responsible Disabled Firearms Owners

DAFR fights for the inalienable firearms rights of responsible disabled Americans. Disabled Americans have unique needs when exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

The mission of DAFR is intertwined within five basic areas of focus.

These areas consist of:

The introduction of firearms for self defense to disabled Americans.
Shooting sports program and organized competition for disabled Americans and wounded veterans.
Oversee firearms legislation and research their impact on Americans with disabilities.
Offer assistance to responsible disabled Americans in order to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.
Educating the public and elected officials about how disabled American firearms owners have unique needs that must be met when exercising their 2nd Amendment right.
We have also become concerned with recent legislation that is proposed throughout the United States in reaction to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. With that, our organization has taken a clear stand on various bills, public acts and proposed laws that we deem would be disadvantageous to responsible disabled firearms owners. DAFR intends to shed light on the fact that many Disabled Americans can only use certain types of firearms such as the highly adaptable AR15 rifle platform. A ban or other serious restrictions on the AR15 rifle as well as certain other firearms will have an adverse effect on the rights of thousands of disabled Americans.
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