Monday, November 10, 2014

A FREE Way YOU Can Help My Family #Obamacare

Our kids' lifesaving medications are no longer covered because of #Obamacare The portion of the #mito cocktail we used to pay $150/month in copays will now cost us over $650/month. This doesn't include the portions of the cocktail that already were not covered by insurance. We will spend at least $800 a month. You can help us at no cost to you! Swanson Vitamins has the best prices around! They have the same brands you find at Whole Foods and EarthFare at HALF the cost. Everything from supplements, essential oils, flower essences to food to cleaning supplies. If you use this link below, you get $5 off your first order and if you spend $20, my family gets a $10 off our next order coupon. Shipping is only $4.99 no matter how much you order and sometimes you get FREE shipping. 

Please consider helping my family! Share this coupon code, too. #MitochondrialDisease #MitoCocktail #ACA  

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