Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#Obamacare Bankrupting Our Family

J top. S bottom. We've paid a total of $5,285.49 in covered prescription copays in 2014 already, $520 for prescriptions not covered...don't have a total for OTC mito cocktail yet. Insurance has paid $232,813.99 for their meds. S is now 18, that's why accounts are separate. Our total OOP medical, not including premiums paid, is $16,339.89 billed..... That's $2,042.49 per MONTH of medical expenses. HOW is this affordable!?  Before #Obamacare, we liked our plan and it was more AFFORDABLE!!!! Don't forget our premiums have increased during this nightmare rammed down our throats, too. If you share nothing else today, share this to let others know that the UN #ACA is harming REAL families. Middle class working families who have to pay IMO lots of $$$ in taxes so that others get "free" stuff. It is immoral to push my family further and further into debt so that others get "free" stuff while my children's healthcare gets put in jeopardy. 

Can you believe that this is happening in AMERICA!? Of course next month, a majority of my kids Mito Cocktail is no longer covered.... Thanks Obama.

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Anonymous said...

You are pay your fair share( hope no change ).

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