Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Article About My Family's Healthcare Situation

Thanks to Ann Kane for writing an article about my family! You can read the article on WatchDogWire at this link:

I think the article is thoughtful and well done. The only correction I'd make is that we had over 27k in out of pocket medical last year. We only paid 21k in medical bills (cash and mostly credit) last year... 

I was impressed by the people she interviewed. I sincerely hope we can get the compounded medications covered like the Express-Scripts representative said would be done for those who "needed" them.  She quoted from the letter our doctor sent to the insurance company. I will try to post that later. 

Please read the article at the link above, share and post comments. We are not the only family affected by Obamacare in this way. The cost cutting measures by insurance companies BECAUSE of the extra financial burden placed upon them by Obamacare are affecting many! 

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