Friday, May 16, 2014

NC Common Core Replacement Bill- HB1061

A bill has been introduced to end common core in North Carolina.  The bill number has been assigned and it is HB1061, “Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs”. I've already called and emailed my representative. Will you join me? We must end common core- common core takes away local control of our schools and gives it to an out of touch, overreaching federal government.

This bill needs more co-sponsors. We have until 5pm today to get this done. So get on the phone and call your Representative and Senator. Make sure you reference the bill number and name HB106, “Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs”.

Not sure who represents you or don’t have their contact information handy?
  • Find out who represents you HERE.
  • Find out HOUSE contact information HERE.
  • Find out SENATE contact information HERE.
Read an excerpt from Lt. Gov Dan Forrest's message on this bill:

Today, House Bill 1061 was filed in the General Assembly. If you will recall, this is the bill stemming from the Legislative Research Committee on Common Core’s recommendation to regain local control of our North Carolina standards.
House Bill 1061 “Replace Common Core to Meet NC’s Needs”:
  1. This bill removes Common Core State Standards from General Statute. In doing this, the State Board of Education has clear and sole authority over the direction and content of North Carolina education standards.
  2. HB 1061 keeps the federal government and unaccountable national organizations from meddling with the educational standards that are, by Constitution, the sole authority of North Carolina.
  3. This bill creates a committee that will go through the standards line-by-line. They will remove that which is developmentally inappropriate, fix the gaps that fail to help our students graduate STEM ready, and then creates our own NC standards.
  4. “Replace Common Core to Meet NC’s Needs” puts local control of education back into the hands of North Carolina, where it belongs.
I encourage every concerned North Carolinian to contact their General Assembly member and encourage them to pass this legislation during the short session.

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