Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 NCGOP Primary -The Tillis Win

10 million dollars bought the election. Thom won because he spent over 10 million on ads and a smear campaign. I worked the polls and person after person would tell me, "I hate Thom Tillis", "I hate Tillis", "I won't vote for Tillis" "I can't stand Tillis"

North Carolina had a great turnout for this election. 16%- up from the average 10-13%.  Tillis better work to prove to the 55% of voters who didn't vote for him that he is worthy of their vote. Tillis missed 5 town halls and 8 candidate forums. He bought the election with slick ads and a smear campaign..... Well, that and his good friend Robin Hayes found a tool, Mark Harris, to enter the race to ensure the TEA Party and conservative vote was split. Without Harris, Greg Brannon would have beat Tillis. Nicely played, establishment.

One recent poll showed Thom losing to Kay Hagan by 67%.  Thom won't have enthusiasm getting people to the polls. At polling station after polling station, no Tillis workers with anti-Tillis sentiment high. I don't think those primary voters will care to get to the polls in November to vote for Tillis unless he gives them a reason to get out..... And I suspect he'll be a no show time and time again.

If he wins the general, he will be no better than Burr or Hagan. If he can't show up to town halls as an elected official in NC and as a candidate for US Senate, I doubt he will show up for we the people should he win.

He missed 8 candidate forums that I know of. Probably more. If he was afraid to face we the people during the primary and needed ten million to propel him to a measly 45% of the vote to win, I'm betting he won't show up after he's elected and he'll be beholden to special interest groups who line his pockets and campaign coffers.

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