Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today I'm Battling the Blues because the Government is Destroying myFamily

If you have a healthy family, be very thankful. Today, I was really sad as we drove to the hospital before 8am for a PT appointment we can no longer afford because of Obamacare. We repeat this Thursday at 7:45am, and twice a week for three more weeks after that. Along with our usual appointments. 

Why was I feeling more gloomy than normal? Well, for starters, no one seems to care about the destruction of our family. A Washington Post reporter called to talk to me last night, but since my family still has the same insurance we had before Obamacare, it didn't fit into the story she was writing. She's wanting to find people who are now on the Obamacare exchanges and things have changed for the worse because of the exchanges. Maybe we will fit that narrative when we are dumped to the exchanges next year......and we lose access to the life saving treatments out of state. I think they are missing a huge part of the Obamacare story.

It seems that no one cares what Obamacare is doing to middle class families like mine who liked their insurance before Obamacare, are still grateful for the benefits, but who have definitely been impacted by the law because of cost increases, premium increases, increased deductibles, copays and out of pocket maxes. They fail to report that families like mine are paying more because BEFORE the law we had an 85/15 plan and now it's an 80/20 because that's the minimum requirement of the law. They won't report that Obama math is wrong. Since when is paying more helpful to families with sick loved ones!? Let's not forget the devastating effect dropping the flex limit, decreasing the amount of medical we can deduct from our taxes and the medica device tax have done to harm families with sick loved ones.

The media doesn't care that my family is quite literally being destroyed by Obamacare. I've shared our Obamacare nightmare with all of my elected government officials and am mostly being ignored. The media doesn't seem to care, either. It's sad... I've not seen a story on a family like mine in the media and I know there are others like us out there. I've seen plenty of news stories on those who have lost insurance and have worse coverage through the exchanges.... I've seen some on the premium increases.... But the media fails day in and day out to report on the devastating effects it is having on families with sick kids who haven't lost insurance coverage....but who are clearly being destroyed by the law Obama and his minions said would help us all. 

A friend's Flat Stanley is visiting us and we brought him to PT: 

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