Monday, December 3, 2012

Kay Hagan Supports CRPD

I have issues with Senator Hagan.  She is a lackey for the Democratic party.  This morning, I called her office 202-224-6342, as I had about a month ago to inquire as to how the senator planned on voting tomorrow on the CRPD (UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities). A month ago, I was told the senator had not yet made up her mind. Today, the first person to answer the phone told me, "The senator has no official statement on how she is going to vote tomorrow."  Ahhhh.... I told her that was code for "The senator is voting yes on CRPD."

Why would Kay Hagan try to hide that she is voting for a treaty that surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats, and will threaten parental decision making for children with disabilities?  Why would I have to repeatedly ask, "The vote is tomorrow and the senator has no official statement? The people she represents have a right to know how she is going to vote" ?

I was finally switched over to her foreign affairs, I mean aide, who told me the senator is voting yes tomorrow.  In 2014, Kay Hagan is TOAST. We are already working hard to see that she is not reelected. She was only elected because she got caught up in the "Obama Sweep" -- 2-14 she will no longer be a senator.

Want to learn more about the CRPD? HSLDA has a video and information here.  Another good article:  The UN CRPD: A Danger to Homeschooling Families

National Review has a good piece on the UN Treaty here

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