Monday, December 10, 2012

17 Democrats Want to Delay the Medical Device Tax

I know, I are probably asking yourself the same questions I asked when I heard the news. Did the morons read the bill before they passed it?  Did the idiots not understand the medical device tax then? Did they finally read the bill? Why now? Why didn't they oppose this medical device tax when the darn Obamacare bill was being rammed down our unwilling throats in 2010?

Casey Calls for Delay of Medical Device Tax

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and 16 other Senate Democrats want the medical device tax - included in the 2010 healthcare reform law that they supported - postponed.
The 2.3 percent excise tax that devicemakers must pay on their gross sales goes into effect on Jan. 1. It's one of the new revenues used to offset the cost of the healthcare law. The Internal Revenue Service issued Wednesday its final rules on the tax, which will impact profits on items such as high-tech burn treatments, catheters, back braces and in-home HIV tests.

Morons, idiots, dolts, jerks, and imbeciles are the nicest names I can come up for these stupid Democratic Senators. Next time, they should read the bill. 

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