Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Official Again

I forgot to blog about my refiling for Congress last week. I guess that's because it just isn't as exciting the second time around. Just kidding, it was pretty exciting.

Having an election where your name is on the ballot but you don't have any results is anticlimactic,  I can tell you that!  We get to do it all over again on June 7th. Here's a picture with a few friends after refiling last Friday in Raleigh:

We are excited to have already been to many events in the newly added counties of Stokes and Surry. Can't wait to meet the good people of Avery county! Before the March 15th chaos hit, I had knocked on 8,811 doors and my grassroots army hit another 4,000 doors. I'm hoping to get another 3,000 - 4,000 doors in before the June 7th primary. It takes money to do all of this, so if you feel compelled, please donate to my campaign here.  I'm going up against a 6-term incumbent career politician (she was in Raleigh for at least a decade before heading to DC) who has $2 million cash on hand in her campaign account.

We can make our voices heard in DC. She's sent out 4 or 5 mailers and we have her nervous. She and I have been at events where we've both had the opportunity to speak. We are getting under her skin- she keeps saying, "Don't believe what you hear about me." In some instances, she's added, "Come to me and ask me." I had to laugh because I'm thinking, "Do people believe a politician in an election year?"

I literally choked on my tea at the Alexander County Reagan Day dinner when she told the folks not to believe what they hear about her and added, "I did not vote to fund Planned Parenthood."  A blatant lie.

When I had my three minutes, I told the crowd gathered that I was tired of the lies and tricks. If they had not voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood on December 18, 2015, they would not have had to pretend to defund it three weeks later. She thinks we the people are stupid enough to believe her lies.

THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NEED TO "DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD" and "DISMANTLE OBAMACARE" if they had NOT first voted to fund them both for another year on December 18th.

How can she lie with such a straight face? She knows she can't defund anything that has not been funded. It's a simple fact. Period. Don't fund it and you won't have to defund it. The House failed to use the leverage of a government shutdown to end funding for PP, Obamacare, executive amnesty, the Syrian refugee program and much more. They handed Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted on a silver platter without even a hint of a fight.

I've gone off on a tangent....this was supposed to be about my filing last week, but I've gone on about why I filed to run!

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