Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vaccination Debate

Militant vaccinators were getting on my nerves yesterday. To be fair, there are militant folks on the anti-vax side, too.  Ben Carson, running for POTUS 2016, thrust this issue into the forefront when he said he believed vacinations should be required and that there should be no religious or philisophical exemptions. Well, as a Catholic I oppose the vaccines made with fetal cells. One cell line used the remains of 28 abortions. Read about Ben Carson's comments here.  You can read a great article on vaccination and the Catholic conscience here

If we force vaccination, then at what medical procedure will it end? If parents lose the right to choose which medical procedures their own children have, when does it end? Will the state force HPV, even though young girls have dropped dead within 24 hrs of vaccination? Will a family who has a vaccine injured child be forced to vaccinate genetic predisposition or not (mitochondrial diseases predispose kids to vaccine injury)? Has government ever seized authority and control in ANY area where this power has not grown? Be careful what you wish for. If government can force you to vaccinate your children, it can also wield that power for a plethora of violations against your natural rights. 

Then we have the folks who say sure, don't force vaccination, but don't let them go to public school. Where does that end? Will we have to carry papers into the public square in order to be there? Public transportation, courthouses, public parks.... if we don't allow them in public schools, will the government forcefully remove these children from their homes, force vaccination and send them to school? 

It is a slippery slope... In a world where parents who have medically complex kids who are being taken away because they disagree with the doctors on treatments or even because doctors disagree with other doctors about treatment options, I don't think it is wise to force vaccinations/medical treatments. 

My kids have been vaccinated. We weighed the pros and cons of each because of their chronic illnesses. None of my children was vaccinated in the hospital when they were born. We signed "against medical advice" papers. It is our right to choose how to educate, raise and medically treat our children. Other people do not have to agree. My husband and I make the decisions for our own children- it is our God-given right. Every parent has the right to make the decision to vaccinate or not. We vaccinated and feel it was the right decision for our children, but this doesn't mean that we get to decide what is right for other people. Government doesn't have the right to make these decisions for parents, either. 

All this being said, there are many people walking around who have been vaccinated who have zero protection because they didn't respond.... They just don't know it because they haven't been tested. Will government force this testing on the population, as well? All one needs to do is search pubMed to find articles on vaccinated folks coming down with the very disease they were vaccinated against. Read this recent report about vaccinated people passing along the disease to other vaccinated people here

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"-Ben Franklin

Several Republicans have called me and others who have spoken out on this topic, backwoods ignorant folks. On the contrary, we are quite well educated. This is a conversation we need to have. If you believe in individual liberty, you would never agree that government has the right to force vaccinations upon anyone. Injecting ANYTHING into someone's body without the consent of the individual or his parents is absolutely WRONG.  

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