I Have a Say

Fr. John started a blog in response to Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards asking women to videotape themselves and "have their say" about the HHS mandate.  Cecile Richards doesn't speak for me.  Fr. John's blog: I Have A Say Because My Parents Didn't Abort Me or Use Contraception

A group of Catholic blogging moms started an "I have  a say" campaign.  Were asking for Catholics (men, women, children) to take pictures with signs that say, "I have a say. Cecile Richards does not speak for me.  Here comes the Catholic Church"   or something similar. If you look at my photo, you'll see I added more to my statement. Please visit Birgit's site for more ideas.Catholic Sistas is another site you might like to visit! 

I am dedicating this page to all the pictures I receive. I figured it was better than a post that would get lost in the blogspace.  Enjoy!  If you's like to add your picture, send me an email with your photo and I will add it to my blog.